[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Following the major work carried out to improve safety Efectis, in collaboration with the main contractor, is in charge of updating the safety files for the underground roads of Les Halles in Paris.

The objective is to take into account the numerous changes effected in this complex infrastructure (geometric shape, ventilation system, CCTV, emergency exits, hydrants, fire protection of the structures, and other safety equipment) and to evaluate the new safety level of the tunnel network.

Our role is to assess conformity to the updated regulatory provisions, to perform numerical fire simulations and egress studies in the confined spaces, and to assist the road operator to improve its intervention procedures in the case of serious incidents (fire, road accident, human intrusion, failure of key equipment, etc.).

Among other things, this project requires an evaluation of the road operator’s experience (real-life events and safety drills). In this context, Efectis is also performing hot smoke tests to check the performance of the ventilation system (smoke stratification, longitudinal air speed and flow rates) and the application of operator emergency procedures.

This work is a consequence of the security policy implemented in France aimed at reducing hazards in tunnels, following the serious events that have occurred in tunnels since the late 1990s