Efectis Nederland has won the tender issued by the Finnish Transport Agency (Liikennevirasto) to perform a spalling test on a large-scale concrete element for the Revontuli Tunneli in Rovaniemi, Finland. Efectis was selected from all bidders for the best combination of price and fulfilment of the technical requirements. The fire test will be carried out in the large horizontal furnace of Efectis in Bleiswijk (NL). The test specimen itself will be placed on top of the furnace and loaded by hydraulic actuators within a custom-made steel frame. A compartment of approx. 5×4 m will be heated according to the HCM fire curve, at a temperature level of 1300 ºC. For a fire resistance furnace, the combination of such a severe tunnel fire curve and a relatively large fire compartment is a real challenge. Efectis verified in a trial-test that the furnace has sufficient heating capacity to fulfill this tough requirement and is now ready to perform the fire test for the Revontuli Tunneli.

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Contact: Arnoud Breunese – Arnoud.breunese@efectis.com