The construction phase, refurbishment and technical work are critical situations in terms of fire risk: melting operations, cutting, roof water-tightness, etc. In addition, all these operations may require disconnection of active systems, such as extinction, detection and alarm (if such systems are already installed). Moreover, a lot of construction product waste and packaging that have no fire resistance may remain, drastically increasing the fire load.

The recent fires in ‘la Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie’ and in the Ritz Hotel – only a few days before it was due to reopen – have had dramatic consequences, with large financial losses from structural, heritage and operating damage. These losses may exceed 100 million euros per claim.

Efectis is your ideal partner to give advice to the owner and the builder on how to control each stage of the fire risk:

Example of damage to a large fire partition wall. The post-fire assessment was able to derfine rules for reopening the area, and the temperatures reached by the fire, confirmed by fire modelling

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