The Grand Paris Express (GPE)  is a transport and development project that has been designed to make suburb-to-suburb travel easier and faster, without necessarily having to pass through Paris itself. The project is being managed by Société du Grand Paris, which was created in 2010.

Sixty-eight stations are being built and 200 km of track laid, most of it underground. Société du Grand Paris decided to commission individual architects to design each station, making all of them unique. Eighty percent of the stations will be connected to the existing network (metro, RER, Transilien and tramway) and relieve it. The project will also generate new urban, real-estate and landscaping developments around the stations (more than 180 urban projects in total). This new metro service will open in phases until 2030.

Efectis’ involvement in the Grand Paris Express project

The complexity of the Grand Paris Express project – ranging from the decision to develop unique stations, the creation of kilometres of underground inter-stations and the creation of connections with the existing rail network, to related buildings, like maintenance, parking and infrastructure sites – meant that Société du Grand Paris soon found itself faced with the challenge of defining the fire safety of its structures. Added to this, the sheer scale of the projects and associated development work made it necessary for numerous teams and entities to work on the design. Against this backdrop, Société du Grand Paris quickly launched a call for tenders for a project management-assistance mission with regard to fire safety and, more specifically, smoke extraction, to ensure that design project managers were developing the projects in line with the safety objectives set out in the GPE programme and validated against the CTCSC (Consultative Technical Committee for Civil Protection)  of the Paris Defense and Security Zone.

Efectis is providing its expertise in respect of the following:

The project includes various discussions with the construction industry:

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Efectis has been involved in the Grand Paris Express project since 2015. Its activities include those listed below:
On behalf of the project owner:

On behalf of (principal) contractors:

All the work started in 2015 is still in progress and will continue until the stations and infrastructures are operational, bearing in mind that some of them need to be operational on time for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

For further information, please contact: Pascal van Hulle