Façade fire safety


Façade fire safety

Fire safety of External Wall Systems (EWS) has been on the spotlight for many years, however, due to recent fire-related disasters globally it has attracted great public attention, been recognised as one of the most crucial fire safety challenges. It is therefore vital that fire safe façades are ensured on the design, construction and occupational operation of buildings.

In UK, the Part B of the Schedule 1 of the Building Regulations 2010 (and as amended afterwards) specifies the functional requirements covering fire safety in buildings. In particular, requirement B4 (1) deals with the fire performance of external walls:

‘‘the external walls of buildings shall adequately resist the spread of fire over the walls and from one building to another, having regard to the height, use and position of the building.’’

To fulfil the great need of designing and building fire safe EWSs in UK and internationally, Efectis provides a list of both standard and tailored-fit solutions for supporting our clients. Based on over 70 years of experience, Efectis offers cost-effective and code-compliant services during design, construction and operation of EWS, assessing the fire performance, including but not limited to:

Our teams located in England and Northern Ireland may assist you in any projects across the UK, Republic of Ireland or internationally.    

In addition, the team in France, The Netherlands, Türkiye, Spain and Italy can help you in your fire behaviour of façade in Europe or middle east, with additional testing means like LEPIR or ISO 13785.

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