Our ESG policy


Our ESG policy

Responsible and committed

Motivated by a desire to act responsibly and sustainably, Efectis has integrated a voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility approach into the heart of its project.
The development of our ESG approach, in line with the guidelines of the Global Compact, is reflected in our ESG policy, which is based on 3 pillars.


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Be a loyal, respectful and responsible player in the market.

  • Maintain the quality of our services, in compliance with standards and regulations.
  • Place ethics at the heart of our business, rejecting all forms of fraud, direct or indirect corruption and influence peddling.
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, based on trust, respect for our values, and sources of sustainable solutions.

Human Resources

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Promote the development, well-being and safety of our employees.

  • Promote equal opportunity and diversity, and ban all forms of discrimination and harassment.
  • Promote the health, safety and well-being of our employees in the workplace.
  • Enable everyone to develop their skills, and promote talent and career development.


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Playing an active role in the fight against climate change and respecting the environment

  • Reduce the environmental impact of our activities and control our waste management.
  • Move towards a sustainable use of resources, by limiting our consumption (water, energy, paper) and integrating renewable resources.

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Performance design of a smoke control system for the bridge pavilion

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