In line with our Group Strategy, Efectis continues to expand its service offering in marine sector.

All our tests are covered by our ISO 17025 accreditations and our scopes accreditations are available on the COFRAC, UKAS, RvA and TÜRKAK websites.

Our services


  • Complete set of fire tests requested by marine regulations
  • Definition of test campaigns, analysis of products
  • Fire safety engineering
  • Specific tailor-made test such as oversized tests, extended testing time, higher exposure
codes and regulations

  • All tests according to IMO MSC 307(88) FTP code 2010, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11
  • All tests according to NATO STANAG 4602 (AFAP 1 to 5)
  • Plastic and composite pipes tests according to IMO resolution A753(18)
  • Fire suppression tests as in IMO A800 and other fire suppression resolutions from FSS Code
  • Lifeboat fire tests such IMO MSC 1006
  • Participation to IMO SDC and SSE subcommittees
  • Management of some national mirror committees
our test means

  • Cone calorimeters (ISO 5660-1, AFAP-5, MSC circ. 1006, FTP code part 10)
  • Radiant panel (ISO 5658-2, FTP Code part 5)
  • Smoke chamber coupled with FTIR (ISO 5659-2, FTP Code part 2)
  • Non-combustibility furnace (FTP code part 1)
  • Calorimeters (ISO 9705 – FTP code part 10)
  • Fire resistance furnaces (FTP code parts 3, 4, 11)
  • Plastic pipes (IMO A753 (18)

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Performance design of a smoke control system for the bridge pavilion

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