Certification, UKCA & CE marking


Certification, UKCA & CE marking

Efectis offers solutions during construction and operation of buildings and installations either with official certification and approvals, or with in site assessment.

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The Construction Product Regulation No. 305/2011/EC requires construction products to be CE marked based on requirements of relevant technical specifications (harmonized EN standards or European Technical Assessments (based on European Assessment document). In relationship to the Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP), the manufacturer will have to work with a Notified Certification Body and/or a Notified Laboratory.

The tasks of the AVCP systems defined in the Delegated Regulation No. 568/2014 are as follow:

CE table

Efectis is Notified Certification Body (Notified Body No. 1812 for France and No. 2184 for Türkiye), Notified Laboratory (for France 1812, Nederland 1234, Türkiye 2184 and UK 2822) also notified for fire testing under horizontal notifications for the application of the Construction Product Regulation No. 305/2011/EC for the products: smoke exhaust systems, building glass, fire protective products, fire dampers, insulation products, etc. See NANDO (France, Netherlands, Türkiye).

Efectis, with three strong competencies: testing, inspection and certification, provides the certification services based on evaluations (testing and inspections) performed by Efectis entities/teams or on the request of manufacturers (and subject to approval) based on testing performed by other notified and/or accredited laboratories.

The Certification section of Efectis has been issuing CE marking certificates of construction products for manufacturers in the European Union and abroad for more than 17 years. The Certification team is also largely involved in the work of the European Group of Notified Bodies:

  • Advisory group of Notified Body (AG-GNB) : Efectis insured the Presidence until end of 2018
  • Horizontal sector group for Fire (SH02)
  • Sector group 07 (SG07 fixed firefighting systems: Efectis leader of the WG smoke exhaust systems)
  • Sector group 09: Building glass and other sector groups in relationship with Efectis Notifications
  • Sector group 22 (SG22) for cables : Efectis insured the animation of the group

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ukca marking

UKCA marking results from the UK leaving the European Union and will be a requirement to place certain products on the market in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales). Northern Ireland is a separate case due to the Northern Ireland Protocol. A CE mark can still be applied to products entering Northern Ireland. Alternatively, products that do not have a CE mark can have the UK(NI) mark attached.


Efectis Certified: The voluntary mark held by Efectis. This certification covers product certification and service certification.

Efectis Certified certifications are offered in collaboration with professional organizations and the different firms in the construction sector. These certifications are proposed to companies wishing to promote their products and competencies:

  • Product certification for additional fire performance not covered by the CE of UKCA marking, or for countries not covered by CE / UKCA where Efectis Certified in recognized as a third party certification.
  • Service certification for companies wishing to promote their professional competencies: installer of fire protective products etc.
CERTIFICATION in middle east

Efectis is recognized by the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia for certification of construction products with the fire performance ratings. This product certification is reserved for manufacturers willing to promote their products in these areas.

Your contact for Certification: Yannick Le Tallec – yannick.letallec@efectis.com – tel +33 1 60 13 83 87


Efectis acts as an inspection body under the third-party evaluations required to obtain and maintain a CE marking, a NF label, or professional qualifications.

Specialized in fire safety, and more generally on the construction products covered by the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011, our inspectors act on the request of our Certification service, but also for other notified bodies and certifiers including AFNOR Certification, CTICM, TÜV Rheinland, RISE, Institut Für Industrieaerodynamik (IFI), or QUALIBAT.

Efectis can step in to assess:

  • Fire safety products (such as fire resistant doors, SHEV, fire dampers, smoke dampers, smoke curtains, smoke and heat exhaust fans, relay boxes, fire protection products, fire metalwork, DAC-DCM).
  • Steel construction products made of steel and aluminum (such as public lighting, structural elements and building kits, prefabricated building units, structural hollow sections candelabra)
  • Construction glass (such as laminated glass, insulating glass, tempered glass, ceramics), regardless of the declared performance.

With its fifteen years of experience in the conformity assessment of quality management systems and of production control systems, according to national and international standards, Efectis can also help you with the development and the maintenance of your Quality Management System.

Our team is also at the disposal of notified bodies, laboratories, associations of manufacturers, installers or users to assist them in carrying out inspection on the manufacturing, distribution, market surveillance, and control processes of their contractor and supplier.

The Inspections service consists of a multilingual, multi-skilled staff and is accredited according to the NF EN ISO CEI 17020 standard.

For more information, the database of the European Commission lists all the products which can be certified by the Certification section of Efectis: NANDO

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