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23.5.2024 New Guide: Fire Protection Projects in Industrial Establishments The Region of Madrid has just published the new Guide for the Review of Performance-Based Fire Protection Projects in Industrial Establishments ( Efectis would like to thank the... Read more
23.5.2024 Focus on a regular topic in fire safety audits: compartmentation walls in industrial buildings Efectis Department « Expertise » is often contacted by industrial buildings’ owners or operators in order to assess fire resistance of compartmentation walls. Indeed, lots of buildings were made from... Read more
23.5.2024 Fire risk analysis for industrial buildings With the increasing population in both Türkiye and worldwide, the demand for production is also proportionally rising, leading to the expansion of production areas such as industrial facilities.... Read more
2.5.2024 Fire safety assessment for warehouse using the NEN 6079 At the start of 2024, new building regulations became applicable in the Netherlands. In Article 4.51 of the new Building Decree a maximum size for a fire compartment... Read more
2.5.2024 Ensuring warehouse fire safety through rolling shutter doors In the context of industrial safety, warehouses are crucial hubs for storing valuable goods and materials and ultimately for protecting personnel. However, ensuring their protection against fire hazards... Read more
2.5.2024 Fire safety audits of industrial buildings Fire safety audits in industrial buildings are essential to ensure the safety of both employees and assets. Industrial facilities often contain complex machinery, hazardous materials and high-risk processes,... Read more
7.3.2024 Testing of natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators (NSHEV’s) are used to create an opening in the outer shell of a building. In case of a fire the NSHEV can... Read more
4.3.2024 The importance of proper installation of fans and dampers in terms of fire safety Fire safety equipment is a valuable investment for ensuring our life and property safety. When designing fire safety measures for buildings, a product-oriented approach is often adopted, closely... Read more
29.2.2024 From inspection to new fire safety concept Over the past few months, Efectis Nederland has successfully completed several projects where an initial request for a single-situation inspection resulted in either a modification of the entire... Read more
29.2.2024 Mass barrier ceilings Mass barrier ceilings block sound completely between one floor and another. They consist of multiple layers of boarding fixed to anti-vibration hangers that are suspended from steel beams.... Read more
29.2.2024 Horizeo: fire risk assessment and site's fire protection plan of Europe's largest solar farm project Efectis supported the ENGIE-NEOEN consortium in the development of the Horizeo photovoltaic park project of 1 GW in the municipality of Saucat (33) in Gironde, France. This exceptional... Read more
28.2.2024 Reducing the amount of fire tests with the use of ExAps After the European Accreditation Council decided that ExAps (Extended Applications) may also be accredited, 23 ExAps were added in November 2023 to the scope of Efectis in The... Read more