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16.10.2020 News from the board European borders are increasingly subject to restrictions and containment measures, and other temporary expedients are being tightened daily. It is becoming more and more difficult to hold meetings... Read more
13.10.2020 Project to boost Pan-European fire safety efforts We are pleased to announce the inauguration of a European project to map the existing fire data collected across Member States and to propose meaningful data sets to... Read more
13.10.2020 UKCA - new certification mark From the 1st January 2021 a new Certification Mark will be introduced to England Scotland and Wales, the new “UKCA” mark (UK Conformity Assessment). With the UKs transition... Read more
12.10.2020 Saudi Arabia recognition Saudi Arabia has laid out targets for diversification and improving competitiveness in its Vision 2030. The long-term goals are built around main themes, which set out specific objectives... Read more
12.10.2020 Investigating the cause of a fire After a fire, building and business owners are confronted with experts who assess the damage and an insurance company that needs to investigate the cause of the fire,... Read more
12.10.2020 Pool fire tests at Efectis In 2018, Efectis purchased new testing equipment that enables full-scale hydrocarbon pool fire tests to be performed with all the required safety and confidentiality conditions. The equipment is... Read more
12.10.2020 High-quality risk assessment studies Materials, manufactured goods and construction systems are continuously improving and resulting in new technologies, discoveries and market trends. The demand for more housing to meet the global expectations... Read more
12.10.2020 Efectis supports SUM SUM (Symbiotic Urban Movement)aims to achieve a mutual and beneficial relationship between the user, the community and the environment: a symbiosis. To accelerate this vision, the team will... Read more
12.10.2020 New facility for fire tests on loaded walls Efectis France laboratories have recently bought a new loading frame for its fire resistance activity. This new device enables fire tests to be performed on loaded walls up... Read more
12.10.2020 Efectis celebrates its third anniversary Efectis UK/Ireland Ltd, an innovative joint venture between Ulster University and Efectis Group, is celebrating its third anniversary this month. The company was granted UKAS accreditation at the... Read more
6.10.2020 New world-wide fire safety standard launched A global coalition of over 80 fire safety leadership organisations has today (Monday 5 October) launched a new internationally consistent approach to the safety and management of buildings,... Read more
1.10.2020 Revision RWS test procedure for concrete tunnel linings September 1, 2020, RWS and Efectis Nederland publish the 3rd version of the test procedure. The new name, “Fire testing procedure for concrete tunnel linings and other tunnel components” provides an important... Read more
22.7.2020 News from the board In the current health crisis, the safety and protection of our employees, customers and providers remain our main priority. In compliance with the government recommendations and in accordance... Read more
16.7.2020 Efectis expands facade testing in UK Following the Grenfell tragedy and the UK government’s commitment to enhance the safety in buildings, BSI has updated the façade fire test and released a new version on... Read more
16.7.2020 Provisional Dutch facade testing and building components assessments The Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 was a wakeup call for everyone involved in fire safety and much more attention is now being paid to fire safety. It... Read more
16.7.2020 Efectis third party review on fire safety at Manchester airport Efectis, with more than 70 years of experience as an independent third-party assessor in the fire performance of products, systems or constructions, is now working with the Manchester... Read more
16.7.2020 Furniture fire safety regulations in Europe Efectis has produced a new scientific article to separate truth from falsehood with respect to the fire safety of our living room sofas. The regulations for upholstered furniture... Read more
15.7.2020 Cladding inspection The risk of fire spread in high-rise buildings (> 18 m) is a major concern. This has become even more pertinent since the Grenfell tragedy, which has proved... Read more
15.7.2020 MobiFire - mobile furnace test conducted in Leiden (NL) Tunnels are an essential part of the road and rail infra structure. Tunnels make it possible to connect goods and services and make economic regions grow. For this... Read more
15.7.2020 Analysis of window failure at Grenfell Tower Efectis published a new article as a further step towards understanding the Grenfell fire disaster. The fire behaviour of windows installed in a building facade has an important... Read more
15.7.2020 PFPNet Technical subcommittee for fire protection in tunnels The new PFPNet Technical Subcommittee for fire protection in tunnels recently held its first formal online meeting since the initial meeting in January, to assess the interest and... Read more
30.1.2020 The International Fire Safety Standards for fire safety in buildings The International Fire Safety Standards (IFSS) coalition is a group of professional and not-for-profit organisations responsible for researching, developing, publicising and implementing IFSS globally for the construction and real-estate... Read more
25.11.2019 News from the board Dear reader, The construction sector is changing significantly. More and more risks concerning the built environment are being discussed, legislations amended, and requirements tightened. In the Netherlands a... Read more
25.11.2019 Full-scale fire tests for assessment of high-pressure water mist system for data centre protection This summer Efectis conducted a full-scale fire test campaign to assess a high-pressure water mist system developed by the company MARIOFF France for use in data centres. A... Read more
25.11.2019 New equipment on reaction to fire according to EN ISO 1716 at Efectis Netherlands As mentioned before, the determination of the gross heat of combustion (calorific value) is now in operation. The test method is part of the EN 13501-1 to realise... Read more
25.11.2019 Efectis Era Avrasya - Allianz cooperation: Allianz Teknik Earthquake fire Test and Training Center Allianz Teknik Earthquake and Fire Testing and Training Center started operating on 15 October 2019 at the Turkish-German University campus in Beykoz, Istanbul. Efectis Era Avrasya provided the... Read more
25.11.2019 New French legislation for building refurbishments The Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017 has raised government awareness beyond the borders of the UK. To avoid a similar situation in France, the French government decided... Read more
25.11.2019 Fire investigation To find the cause of a fire is a challenging task. Fire destroys evidence and firefighting efforts may disturb the remaining evidence. Sometimes, locating the area of origin... Read more
25.11.2019 In-situ smoke tests: a supplementary tool to evaluate safety level With its great experience in fire safety laboratories, Efectis has conducted in-situ smoke tests for several years through its OutLabs & Ventilation team. The purpose of these tests... Read more
25.11.2019 Fire Safety at the heart of the CFC Tower in Casablanca Morocco has a 27-storey main office tower located on the Anfa financial site in Casablanca.Several actors of the project relied on the skills and expertise of Efectis to... Read more