Smoke-extraction systems in new or refurbished underground stations are often very specific. There are several reasons for this:

The venting systems above do not fall within the usual framework defined by the series of French standards applied to Fire Safety Systems (Systèmes de Mise en Sécurité Incendie – SMSI) and Actuated Safety Devices (Dispositifs Actionnés de Sécurités – DAS). Because of this, the body in charge of compliance inspections (inspection office) is not able to issue a notice on the solution adopted by the project.

The fire safety regulations for French stations (Article GA 28.8 of the modified order of 30 June 1980) stipulate that a third-party verification must be carried out by a laboratory in instances like this. As an authorised French laboratory (decree of 21 July 1994), Efectis is authorised to carry out these verifications.

Example smoke extraction 3 2
Example smoke extraction 1

Examples of smoke extraction fans for metro stations

Efectis was recently asked to carry out third-party verifications for the Paris, Lyon, and Toulouse metro systems. It focused mainly on verifying the robustness of the smoke-extraction system on the basis of the following parameters:

The verifications above are generally carried out in two distinct phases:

The verifications above are carried out in a framework very similar to the DAS verifications, for which Efectis is the only ISO-17020 authorised and accredited laboratory.

If tests are conclusive, Efectis issues a notice in accordance with Article GA 28.8, enabling the safety commission to issue a favourable opinion on the opening of the station to the public.

These verifications complement Efectis’ services for underground stations, including:

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