The risk of fire spread in high-rise buildings (> 18 m) is a major concern. This has become even more pertinent since the Grenfell tragedy, which has proved that it is essential to make multi-storey buildings safer to avoid similar tragic incidents. Fire is proven to likely spread more quickly in a high-rise building if not all the fire safety aspects of the system comply with the regulations.

Efectis has a UK accredited lab where the reaction to fire tests, and most notably large-scale façade test BS 8414:2020, are performed. Regarding the external cladding of buildings, the services we offer include inspection, testing, conducting simulations and verifying necessary engineering solutions.

The façade systems of several buildings inspected by Efectis – hospitals, hotels, office buildings, residential buildings, individual houses. etc. – have moderate to serious issues associated with fire safety. For these buildings, our scope of works was inspection, collecting information, checking drawings, engineering judgment, assessment based on experimental data and conducting CFD models. Thanks to our robust engineering team and continuous large and intermediate scale façade testing, Efectis provided the most efficient and practical engineering solutions concerning the satisfaction of the owners.

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