Efectis has recently purchased additional reaction to fire testing equipment, which will complete the range of reaction to fire equipment already in operation within the Efectis group.

This calorimeter is an instrument used to study the fire behaviour of small samples with a surface up to 100×100 mm. It is often used in fire behaviour studies of different materials in order to know their heat output according to the time during which they are subjected to a radiative flow.

The cone calorimeter allows the measurement of the data associated with the intrinsic properties of a material in conjunction with the times of ignition and of extinction, the mass loss and the heat output. During the test, the surface of the sample is impacted by a radiative flow which varies from 10 to 100 kW.m-2, thus allowing the simulation of different levels of fire scenarios.

This calorimeter cone is equipped with a thermopile and its calibration system uses a sand burner powered by pure propane. It can be used in conjunction with an IRTF system for the gas analysis, especially for the search of toxic elements. This will be the subject of a specific newsletter.

The EFECTIS team remains at your disposal to perform all your tests according to the following standards:

Contact: Leo Kremer – leo.kremer@efectis.com