As a government approved laboratory that has been active in the fire safety market for 40 years, Efectis has now decided to share its knowledge and experience by developing a professional training programme aimed at diverse stakeholders in the construction industry.

The Efectis Academy’s objectives are to achieve a global understanding of fire safety issues and to contribute to skills improvement by offering training programmes adapted to the real needs of construction sites and of industrial workers, with individuals trained at their own pace and integrating the related aspects of fire safety.

At a time when several disasters serve to remind us of the risks of fire and its consequences, our trainings are committed to promoting companies’ competences and enabling safer construction.

Several successful training sessions have already taken place on fire propagation on façades, the behaviour of fire in relation to insulating materials, smoke extraction systems and on the fire survey and return of experience in the highest residential buildings.

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Contact: Nathalie Wernette  [nathalie.wernette@efectis.com]