On behalf of Efectis Era Avrasya, Chairman İlker İbik entered into cooperation agreements with Reflex-R LLC, NII EET Efficient Energy Technologies Research Institute and FireLab LLC.

With these collaborations, it is aimed to provide the necessary testing and certification services to Russian and Turkish manufacturers, aiming both to take part in projects in the region and to open to mutual markets.

Established in Russia, Reflex-R LLC offers comprehensive solutions for fire safety systems, including consultancy, supply, representation, installation, and commissioning. Reflex-R is also active in creating business development and sales channels for exporting companies in the Russian market.

NII EET Institute carries out testing and inspection services related to the diagnosis and quality control of construction quality of buildings, as well as R&D and application activities in the field of energy efficiency.

The last cooperation Efectis Era Avrasya has made in Russia and the CIS region is called FireLab LLC. FireLab LLC is an accredited fire testing laboratory with over 20 years of experience.

We continue our hard work together with our business partners to transform the signed protocols into effective cooperation.

Contact: Ulker Verenel – ulker.verenel@efectis.com