Following the Grenfell tragedy and the UK government’s commitment to enhance the safety in buildings, BSI has updated the façade fire test and released a new version on 1 May 2020: BS 8414:2020.

Efectis is delighted to announce the expansion of façade testing along with the adoption of the new version of BS 8414:2020. Efectis now has six frames across Europe and the UK and is in a position to conduct façade tests in accordance with the old and new versions of BS 8414.

The purpose of the large-scale test method is to provide data that enables the evaluation of the fire performance of the cladding components tested in combination. It does not provide information on how to interpret the data. The standard is split into two parts: BS 8414-1:2020 for cladding fixed to a masonry face and BS 8414-2: 2020 for cladding fixed to and supported by a steel frame.

The main changes are as follows:

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