The Efectis team has recently held successful seminars in partnership with the organized industrial zones of two Turkish cities.

In cooperation with the Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, an informative seminar on “Fire risks in the textile and leather products industry” was held at the Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Training Center. In this seminar, attended by company and sector representatives, Fire Safety Engineering and Inspection Manager Mustafa Salih Korkmaz, Chief Commercial Officer Ülker Verenel and Sales Manager Pınar Keskioğlu gave information about the risk factors of textile fires and the precautions to be taken in firefighting. The potential dangers related to textile fires were explained during the seminar and evaluations were made on how areas with a high fire risk should be set up.

Subsequently, Efectis held a seminar on “Fire risks in industrial facilities”, specifically for companies operating in the Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone.

Onur Dağ, Chief Technical Officer of Efectis Era Avrasya, made the opening speech at the seminar and explained that the main goal of fire safety is to minimise the risk of fire. In the first session of the seminar, Fire Engineer Göktuğ Kızılboğa demonstrated legal regulations, fire risk analysis and architectural fire safety in fire risks in production facilities. In the second session, Fire Safety Engineering and Inspection Manager Mustafa Salih Korkmaz gave details of the electromechanical fire safety in fire risks in production facilities and the company’s fire engineering and consultancy services.

Efectis thanks the partners of industrial zones for helping to organize the seminars and will continue to meet with industry sector professionals to give information about fire safety in different industrial sectors and to organise dedicated seminars for the different industry sectors.

For more information, please contact: ulker.verenel@efectis.com or pinar.keskioglu@efectis.com