This spring, Efectis Nederland performed the first test series in accordance with the new EN1364-5 for air transfer grilles (ATG). This test is designed to test both passive and active grille systems and are to be tested and used in walls, roofs and ceilings. ATGs that are destined for use in a door are also tested in that way, in accordance with EN1634-1/2.

ATGs that also need to be smoke-resistant can be tested at Efectis Nederland according to EN1634-3. This way Efectis can help all producers of ATGs to test their products under all fire-related standards.

ATG test low

We are happy to help any producer that would like to know more about the test setup and requirements. For this purpose a small seminar will be organised beginning next year in the lab of Efectis Nederland. This seminar is a service provided free of charge to producers of ATGs. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at Nederland@efectis.com to check availability.


Contact: Paul Kortekaas –  [paul.kortekaas@efectis.com]