In the context of industrial safety, warehouses are crucial hubs for storing valuable goods and materials and ultimately for protecting personnel. However, ensuring their protection against fire hazards remains critical. In this regard, the significance of rolling shutter doors cannot be overstated.

These doors serve as vital components in the prevention and management of fire within warehouses, providing a barrier against the spread of flames and smoke. Rolling shutter doors offer seamless closure, limiting the fire’s reach and allowing for safer evacuation procedures. Their capacity to withstand intense heat and structural integrity make them indispensable assets in warehouse fire prevention strategies.

Through fire testing i.e. EN 1634-1:2014+A1:2018 Part 1: Fire resistance test for door and shutter assemblies and openable windows, these doors offer robust protection, limiting the spread of fire and providing time to assess how the fire can be contained and extinguished. Fire testing involves subjecting these doors to simulated fire conditions to evaluate their resistance to fire performance through integrity, insulation and radiation if required. These evaluations ensure that rolling shutter doors meet stringent safety standards and can effectively mitigate fire risks in real-life scenarios.

Efectis UK/IRELAND is delighted to offer you a complete service from sampling to testing, from extended application (EXAP), i.e. BS EN 15269-10:2011, Part 10: Fire resistance of steel rolling shutter assemblies, reports to certification for your rolling shutter doors. We can provide both UKCA and CE markings within our group.

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