For more than 25 years Efectis Nederland has been appointed by the Dutch Government for assessing the fire resistance, according to the IMO FTP code 2010 – Annex 1 – Part 3, of the different construction parts that make a ship.

We are happy to announce that we added the test possibilities of IMO FTP code 2010 – Annex 1 – Part 11 to our accredited portfolio, which contains all tests necessary to assess the fire resistance performance of High Speed Craft.

The next success after also adding EN ISO 1716 in Q1 of 2022!

The extension of our accreditation scope has been finalized without any non-conformities thanks to the experience of our fire resistance team that has been performing these tests for more than 20 years.

The next standard on our scope is already being prepared and we are certain we can present this on short notice!

For more information, please contact nederland@efectis.com