The Fire Exchange Platform (FIEP) was created by the European Commission DG Grow with support from Estonian Council Presidency in 2017. The Fire Exchange Platform (FIEP)’s objectives are to stimulate the cooperation among the Member States as well as to allow the exchange of best practices and lessons learned between the Member States and relevant stakeholders in the field of fire safety.

To be successful FIEP needs participation both from regulatory and non-regulatory perspectives, and open discussion about the success stories as well as challenges encountered. Initially the following areas were identified as priority areas for FIEP activities and cooperation:

During the first contract of Efectis as Technical secretary of FIEP, a number of webinars took place and gathered around 100 participants representing all the actors related to the construction sector. The four main areas were:

For the second time, Efectis has been granted the Technical Secretariat of FIEP (1 year with potential renewal: 3 additional years). Our tasks are to identify topics of interest for the community, to identify and propose speakers and also to motivate stakeholders to share their experience and project in all aspects related to Fire safety. At least, two main areas should be investigated:

Based on input from all interested parties other subject can be considered and presented in the Exchange platform and we expect your interest and active participation in the platform either by proposing success stories, on-going fire studies, development in national regulation, or by sharing your questions in relation with fire safety.

Your contact for FIEP:
Yannick Le Tallec – yannick.letallec@efectis.com
Romain Stouvenot – romain.stouvenot@efectis.com