With the increasing population in both Türkiye and worldwide, the demand for production is also proportionally rising, leading to the expansion of production areas such as industrial facilities. These facilities, characterized by continuous production processes, employ various potential fire hazards such as electricity, open flames, and machinery.

Analyzing the fire load of easily flammable materials, as well as flammable and combustible materials produced or stored within industrial facilities, is crucial to assess potential fire risks.
Otherwise, toxic gases that could arise during an industrial facility fire may affect the life of the facility personnel and the living creatures in the environment more negatively than a fire that might occur in all other building types, causing loss of life and great loss of property.

Evaluating the explosion, fire, and toxic spread results of industrial fires, and determining their impact distances are critical aspects that require thorough evaluation. These analyses must be conducted using specialized computer software such as Aloha, etc.

Conducting risk analysis studies in these facilities is essential due to the high concentration of hazardous substances and human activity.

By taking precautions against potential fire risks:

The primary objectives of conducting risk analysis for industrial buildings include:

During risk analysis in industrial facilities, the following aspects are evaluated:

Key outcomes of risk analysis include:

What happens next?

Fire safety risk analysis report shows current shortcomings of the facility, enabling the management to create strategies to tackle them. Some areas may reveal the need for further analysis such as:

From whom should we get this service?

At present, there are no undergraduate courses or state certification programs in Türkiye dedicated specifically to fire engineering risk analysis. Post graduate and doctoral courses for fire safety engineering are present, however field experience is a very important factor for a successful evaluation.

In order to ensure fire safety at this level, it is essential to have a profound understanding not only of national fire regulations and active fire safety systems but also of materials and passive fire safety measures. Efectis, specializing solely in fire for 70 years, offers tailored fire consultancy services. Similar to a tailor crafting bespoke attire, Efectis’ fire consultancy team creates a customized fire concept for each building. With expertise in both national and international standards, they address specific technical fire safety needs.

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