Due to the population increase in Türkiye and the world as a whole, the need for production is also on the rise, while the increasing consumption demand and production areas such as industrial facilities are becoming more and more functional.

Industrial buildings are complex facilities where production takes place continuously, and electricity, flame sources and machinery and equipment that may cause fire due to overload are actively used.

Analysis is needed of the fire load of easily flammable materials, flammable and combustible materials produced/stored in industrial facilities, and of the risks that may cause fire. Otherwise, toxic gases that might be released during an industrial facility fire could affect the facility personnel and the local wildlife more negatively than a fire occurring in other building types, causing loss of life and great loss of property.

Risk analysis studies to be carried out in these facilities are important because of the high dangerous substances and human density in the industrial buildings.

The main goals of running risk analysis for industrial buildings are:

While performing risk analysis in industrial facilities, the following issues are evaluated:

Although there is no undergraduate or official certificate programme at a university in order to be able to conduct risk analysis in the field of fire engineering in Turkey, Efectis – a specialist in the science of fire for 70 years – provides detailed evaluation of the active extinguishing systems of the facility in project and field controls, as well as fire response. Based on the data and experience gained from fire resistance laboratories, it evaluates passive fire safety measures from a broad perspective and makes detailed reports to the employer.

As a result of the risk analysis, the following data are obtained:

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