Responsible persons at all newly erected buildings or buildings undergoing material change of use are required, under Regulation 38 of the UK Building Regulations, to have a fire safety information pack for the premises. Part of this information is described in the so-called fire strategy report (FSR).

Mandated under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for all businesses, a FSR reviews all aspects of the building’s fire safety features. It is specifically tailored to a building, dealing with the Schedule B requirements of the Building Regulations in the UK, namely:

Traditionally, an FSR is produced at the design stage of a building along with development of the architectural plans, following guidance in accordance with Approved Document B on fire safety. Depending on the complexity of the building and the fire safety objectives agreed, alternative approaches may be used such as BS 9999 or a fire engineered approach as per BS 7974.

Fire strategies should be developed only by competent persons with comprehensive training and relevant experience.

A fire strategy report is not only a typical requirement for all businesses but also a crucial document for life safety in the built environment sector. By analysing potential fire spread and structure failure modes, it may also be used as valuable input for the implementation of assets and property protection as well as for business continuity in the event of a fire.

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