In application of the principles of the Paris Police Headquarters concerning the fire safety rules to be followed for the construction of buildings with bio-based materials, Efectis was commissioned by WO2, a real estate developer dedicated to low carbon construction, for the experimental evaluation – under real fire conditions – of different technologies of water-based fire-fighting systems, such as sprinklers and low and high pressure water mist systems, in a building with a large visible wooden structure (no passive protection).

For this purpose, this summer Efectis carried out a campaign of 24 tests in a 300m² mock-up (LVL columns/beams, CLT slabs and wooden frame facade) purposely built on its special fire test platform site located in Saint-Yan (71) with calibrated wooden cribs from 4 to 6MW heat release rate. The conclusions with respect to the ability of extinguishing systems to control an intense fire in an environment where wood is present, and to limit the contribution of structural timber to fire spread, were recently presented to the authors of the principles.

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