The French decree on the conditions applicable to the use of warehouses has been revised. The decree of 11 April 2017 has been ratified and published.

It applies to the three systems (declaration, registration and authorization) for warehouses that come under stored goods category 1510 (all types of combustibles), including when they also come under any of the following stored goods categories: 1530 (paper), 1532 (wood), 2662 (polymers) or 2663 (tyres). This decree offers new prospects in terms of the design and operation of this type of structure, in particular by respecting the objectives set out in Article 1 of the Decree.

The decree is founded on a performance-based code scheme. With initial fire safety objectives to be satisfied, it offers the opportunity of designing fire prevention, fire protection and firefighting. It also allows for greater flexibility by defining alternative solutions to those provided for in the decree, subject to the appropriate technical evidence being supplied.

Efectis can help you comply with the verification of a full performance-based design in your projects or, if required, verification of the design in the domain of smoke extraction, cell sizes, non-progressive and internal structural collapse, evacuation strategy, vulnerability of neighbouring buildings (heat flux), water resources and retention, means of firefighting, access and strategy.

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