Over the past few months, Efectis Nederland has successfully completed several projects where an initial request for a single-situation inspection resulted in either a modification of the entire fire safety concept or the development of a completely new detail.


These projects are often initiated by a fire scan conducted by an inspection company or an inspection by the competent authority. Based on our own inspection, the need arises to modify or further investigate the (proposed) situation.


The objective of our investigation is to minimize the costs of replacing door/frame constructions, walls, facades, or facade cladding. Instead, we carry out an additional investigation into the possibility of adapting the permit based on the principle of equivalence. This allows us to demonstrate that the requirements of the Environment Buildings Decree of the Netherlands (Bbl) are still met.


All projects that Efectis Nederland has carried out in this way start with an inspection and corresponding assessment, followed by consultation with the client and the preparation of an investigation plan. This investigation plan is discussed with our client and the competent authority. If all parties agree to the proposal, the actual investigation follows.

For example, there is the possibility of developing an extensive risk-oriented assessment based on equivalence, as referred to in Article 4.7 of the Environment and Planning Act. But the question can also lead to an investigation into the fire behavior of a specific facade detail in the SBI or to determine in consultation with the customer how a detail can be adjusted based on a tested solution in such a way that a positive assessment can follow. These types of projects are often concluded with discussions with the competent authorities, followed by a revised building application or final inspection and final report.

Recent Projects

In the recent period, we have developed new details for various clients, carried out fire spread calculations according to NEN 6068, determined conditions of use, applied probabilistic determination methods from NEN 6079, made flame height and radiation calculations based on NEN 6060 and NEN-EN 1992-1-2, tested facade details in the SBI, and will soon be conducting fire tests on existing doors to demonstrate that they comply with the required fire resistance according to EN 13501-2.

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