Efectis UK/IRELAND was contracted to undertake a series of tests on laminated glass samples. This series of tests was conducted to gain knowledge of the potential for laminated glass to contribute to fire spread.

For the purpose of this research, a test apparatus was designed and built consisting of two frames:

The test apparatus needed to be adjustable so that different variables could be tested. The apparatus framework was constructed in-house by the skilled technical staff. The thermal exposure applied on the laminated glass samples needed to be in line with the standard test currently available for facade systems. The estimate of the maximum radiant heat measured in the different standard tests varies from 40 kW/m² to 100 kW/m². Consequently, the samples of laminated glass were heated at a heat flux of 25, 50 and 75 kW/m².

What’s next?

The aim of the first series of tests is to provide an understanding of the critical parameters and a credible worst case. The next series of tests will focus on the worst case in use, so as to test the potential fire spread to other interlayer materials.

Contact: Maurice McKee – maurice.mckee@efectis.com