Efectis, the worldwide leader in fire resistance testing of concrete tunnel structures and fire-resistant linings, has purchased a new loading frame for the testing of concrete slabs and TBM tunnel segments.

Stressing concrete to a level which can be expected in practice is necessary so as to determine the representative spalling behaviour of concrete during a fire test. Because of an ever increasing number of requests for testing larger dimensions and higher stresses, a new loading frame is now needed in order to keep up with the demands of the market.

The new loading frame is capable of applying a compressive load to the concrete element with an immense force of more than 10,000 kN. This frame, which fits precisely on the Efectis fire resistance furnace, can accomodate elements with a maximum length of 5000 mm and a width exceeding 2400 mm.

The unique combination of this new loading frame and the large Efectis fire resistance furnace puts Efectis at the leading edge in this field. The furnace can reach extremely high temperatures in a short time period in accordance with all tunnel fire curves (for instance the RABT-ZTV (train) fire curve, which reaches a temperature of 1200 ºC in just five minutes, and the RWS fire curve, which reaches a maximum temperature of 1350 ºC).

Besides fire resistance tests on unprotected concrete elements or those protected with fire-resistant lining, Efectis can assist in developing structured test plans for the determination of the right fire-resistant solution, perform FEM calculations on concrete structures (both heat transfer and structural), perform calculations on ventilation systems (both deterministic and probabilistic), perform CFD calculations and much more.

Contact: Jos Bienefelt – jos.bienefelt@efectis.com