In 2018, Efectis purchased new testing equipment that enables full-scale hydrocarbon pool fire tests to be performed with all the required safety and confidentiality conditions. The equipment is located at the fire testing and training platform in Saint-Yan, France.

Efectis is now able to perform tests in accordance with standards such as:

In some cases, the two last-named documents require the transport container to be tested for 30 minutes when completely engulfed by the flames of a hydrocarbon pool fire at an ambient temperature of at least 800°C.

large scale roman

Figure 1 : Pool fire with pool of 6 x 3,6 m (l x w)  and 5 000 liters of diesel fuel designed for 30 min at 800°C according to IAEA standard

And more recently, Efectis offered to perform a fire test on fuel tanks of boats according to ISO 21487 Small craft — Permanently installed petrol and diesel fuel tanks under ISO 17025 accreditation in its lab at Maizières-les-Metz. The test principle is comparable with what is specified in Articles H-24 & H-33 of the American Boat & Yacht Council concerning the fire resistance of boat tanks under the US Code of Federal Regulations 33 CFR § 183.590 fire test.

In addition to the testing services, Efectis can assist in the certification via partners.

For more information, please contact Roman Chiva