On behalf of Santander from Mexico, TNO and Efectis Nederland B.V. have joined forces to investigate the behaviour of a concrete wall especially  designed for the protection of a datacentre in Mexico. The data centre plays a crucial part in the data communication in five American countries, including the USA.

The test protocol prescribes both a blast test and a fire test, simulating an explosion followed by a hydrocarbon fire. The objective is to acquire certification according to Mexican code NRF-072-PEMEX-2013 MUROS CONTRA INCENDIO.

The blast test was performed at TNO in Rijswijk, were a blast on the concrete specimen was exposed to an over pressure of at least 1 Bar for the duration 30 ms.
After the blast the concrete specimen was transported to Efectis Nederland B.V. in Bleiswijk for the hydrocarbon fire test of 60 minutes at temperatures up to 1150°C.

After the blast and fire test the coated and fire exposed side of the concrete shows pealing of the coating and some spalling of concrete. Test results were reported and issued to the sponsor in order to obtain certification from Bureau Veritas.