Efectis has a longstanding reputation for fire tests in industry and in buildings. In the light of our group strategy and our testing capabilities, we continue to develop reaction-to-fire tests in the field of railways and maritime sector.

For railways, the group has compiled a broad-based offer to address all the fire test requirements of EN 45545-2 (versions 2013 and 2020), for all hazard levels, in application of the Interoperability Directive EU 2016/797 and related Technical Specifications of Interoperability (SRT, Loc&Pas, Freight). The offer is supplemented by strong expertise in defining test campaigns and analysing equipment, sub-systems and systems, with a view to proposing the best test scheme for compliance with the Directive, including both fire resistance and reaction-to-fire. The laboratory is also able to evaluate the efficiency of active systems – detection, actuators and fire suppression, such as FCCS (Fire Containment and Control Systems), and above all according to CEN TR 17532.

For marine (civil), the group supplemented the offer of tests in accordance with the FTP code with parts 2 (smoke opacity and toxicity) and 5 (surface spread of flame). The complete set of tests now includes the entire MSC 307(88) FTP Code parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 11, and many other marine resolutions such as IMO A753(18) on plastic pipes, MSC circ. 1006 on lifeboats and resolution IMO A800 on fire suppression. We already developed the test capability with regard to NATO STANAG 4602. We are now also able to address these requirements for navy ships in accordance with AFAP1 to AFAP5 military standards.

These are the main items of test equipment concerned:

The offer is standardised at group level, having the same price/conditions in all countries in which we operate. This completes our test capabilities in fire resistance and fire suppression for these domains.