With its great experience in fire safety laboratories, Efectis has conducted in-situ smoke tests for several years through its OutLabs & Ventilation team. The purpose of these tests is to assess, in real conditions in existing buildings or buildings under construction or renovation, the safety systems (detection, smoke extraction, evacuation routes, intervention conditions and means).

For public buildings, dwellings or offices, Efectis has developed adapted on-site simulation tools based on cold stratified smokes (non-dusty and non-toxic) to reproduce the first phase of a fire in terms of smoke production and stratification. In less restrictive structures such as tunnels the production of smoke must be more substantial, and the use of hydrocarbon trays is also necessary to add more significant buoyancy effects and to be close to vehicle fires. In addition to an autonomous and mobile video system, a dedicated instrumentation in terms of velocity probes, temperature and opacity devices is often deployed to improve the analysis of the efficiency of systems for evacuation conditions and rescue intervention. This activity is closely linked to the fire safety engineering department and the firefighting and fire investigation team.

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Contact: Gildas Auguin  –  gildas.auguin@efectis.com