As part of the refurbishment of the Mont Blanc tunnel vault and at the request of our customer SPIE BATIGNOLLES, Efectis carried out laboratory fire tests to determine the spalling depth of the used concrete. Fire spalling in concrete is necessary for ensuring fire resistance of structures in the event of a fire.

The tests were carried out in 2023, under the HCM curve (1300°C), on different concrete formulations depending on the parts of the vault being treated.

The project was carried out in two main stages:

As part of this project, the Efectis France and Netherlands teams provided their expertise on fire resistance testing of construction products, and in particular in the spalling behaviour of concrete used in underground engineering structures.

The Efectis teams would like to thank SPIE BATIGNOLLES again for entrusting us with this mission.

For further information, please contact Dorjan Dauti