Efectis Era Avrasya, in collaboration with Türkiye İMSAD, continues to keep its audience updated by holding webinars on fire safety topics. Three such webinars were held in recent months.

The first webinar on Structural Fire Safety in Urban Transformation was held on 2 May by Fire Safety Architect Elif Çataklı and Fire Safety Engineering and Inspection Manager M. Salih Korkmaz. Efectis experts informed the participants about what should be done to reduce fire risks while reinforcing our building stock against earthquake hazards.

The second webinar was held on 17 May on the topic of Structural Fire Safety in Industrial Facilities in Construction Materials and was conducted by Fire Safety Engineer Göktuğ Kızıkboğa and Fire Safety Engineering and Inspection Manager M. Salih Korkmaz. They clarified what needs to be done in terms of structural fire safety in order to prevent early failure in case of industrial facility fires, which are frequently experienced today.

The third webinar on the Fire Performance of Buildings after an Earthquake was held on 30 May by İlker İbik, CEO of Efectis Era Avrasya. İlker İbik informed the participants about the strategies including  the role of passive fire protection to be developed in combating fires, which have been one of the principal secondary risks after the recent earthquake.

Efectis thanks its partner Türkiye İMSAD for helping to organise the webinars.

For more information, please contact: turkiye@efectis.com