A further fire resistance tests and CE certification have been successfully carried out for fire and smoke control dampers in our furnace according to EN 1366-2, EN 1366-10 and UL 555 standards. CE certification is done within Efectis based on EN 12101-8 and EN 15650 standards. Fire and smoke control dampers essential feature is to satisfy the fire resistance requirements of the fire safety standards for buildings and prevent the passage of fire between the compartments.

EN 1366-2, EN 1366-10 and UL 555 specify methods for determining the fire resistance of fire and smoke dampers installed in fire separating elements designed to withstand heat and the passage of fire, smoke and gases at high temperature. The European Standards are used in conjunction with EN 1363-1.

Performance Criteria for Fire and Smoke Control Dampers based on EN 1366-2 and EN 1366-10:

Tests for fire dampers based on UL 555
Fire endurance and hose stream test is applicable for static fire dampers, dynamic fire dampers, combination fire and smoke dampers and corridor dampers.

Performance Criteria for Fire Dampers based on UL 555

Classification of fire dampers based on EN 13501-3


Classification of smoke control dampers based on EN 13501-4

Multi Compartment fire resisting smoke control dampers


Single Compartment smoke control dampers


Classification of fire and smoke control dampers based on UL 555
There is no specific classification for UL 555 standards. The test specimen gets the classification of the specific time as long as the specimen resists to fire and provides the performance criteria.