The Flame Away is a decorative fire extinguishing device invented by Dutch students. The Flame Away is a breakable container filled with a fire-extinguishing solution. In the event of fire, the Flame Away should be dropped on the fire. The container will then shatter and disperse the extinguishing liquid around the point of impact.

The Flame Away is designed so that it is easily recognised as a fire extinguisher but also with a nice design so it can fit into the interior of your home. Efectis performed tests with the Flame Away to investigate its effectiveness in extinguishing a fire.

Tests were performed on different substrates, such as laminate flooring and carpets, to investigate how the substrate affected the effectiveness of the Flame Away in extinguishing the fire. A total of 26 tests were performed, with variations in the throwing force, the orientation of the substrate and the aiming spot.

The tests were performed by the Special Testing division of Efectis Nederland. We provide our clients an efficient and flexible way to test innovative products. Together we assess if there are any useable standards that fit the product, and then we build a test plan. The test results are collated in a report that the client can use to position the product in the international market.

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