The UKCA marking is the product marking used for products being placed on the market in Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales).

The UKCA marking applies to most products previously subject to the CE marking. The technical requirements that must be met for the UKCA marking will depend on the product-specific legislation. Efectis UK/Ireland, as an Approved Body, can affix the UKCA marking to products that fall under the Construction Products Regulation 2020 No. 1359 CPR for the Great Britain market.

<< Businesses will have to prepare for the end of recognition
of the CE mark in GB >>

Placing goods on the market in Great Britain
Type of productAccepted markings
Manufactured products being placed on the GB market until 11pm
on 31 December 2022
Manufactured products placed on the GB market from 11pm
on 31 December 2022
Placing qualifying Nothern Ireland goods on the market in Great Britain
Type of goodAccepted markings
Qualifying Northern Ireland products being placed on the GB market
under unfettered access
CE or CE and UKNI
Extension of Scope

Efectis UK / Ireland, following the successful completion of certification accreditation to ISO 17065 from UKAS at the end of 2021, has worked tirelessly to increase the scope of accreditation and respond to customer needs. Efectis UK / Ireland is aiming at extending its scope again, by adding a group of thermal insulation product standards, which will offer our client base undisrupted access to GB market from 1 January 2023 (this date remains at the day of writing this article). The full list is yet to be confirmed by UKAS (the sole National Accreditation Body for the UK).

Category of products within the scope of accreditation, under avcp system 1

Working closely with other Efectis group Notified Bodies, Efectis UK/Ireland has established a route to access both the GB and EU market depending on our clients’ requirements.

Efectis Accreditations

EFECTIS UK / IRELAND – Approved Body n°2822 for Great Britain
EFECTIS UK / IRELAND – Notified Body n°8003 for the Northern Ireland single market
EFECTIS FRANCE – Notified Body n°1812 (based in France) for EU
EFECTIS NEDERLAND – Notified Body n°1234 (based in Netherlands) for EU
EFECTIS ERA AVRASYA – Notified Body n°2184 (based in Türkiye) for EU

For more information, please contact us by sending an e-mail to uk@efectis.com