The Kirazlıyayla Sanatorium building, one of the most important investments in the first years of the Republic of Türkiye, was planned as a hospital when first established and then served for about 30 years as a sanatorium where tuberculosis patients were treated.

The Uludağ Lifelong Education Centre project (UYEM), in which the buildings are restored according to the contemporary architectural structure without affecting the historical context, includes hotel buildings, auditorium, group study rooms, library, conference halls, cafeterias, restaurants, swimming pools, sports centre and SPA centre. The project is planned to be the training base of the business world, spread over an area of 34,873 m2 and including 155 hotel rooms.

First of all the architectural and electromechanical inspection was completed including an examination of exit routes, fire detection and warning systems, and fire extinguishing systems. Afterwards, design details were carefully controlled to meet the special requirements, given that some of the buildings in the project are considered as having historical value. Finally, material and equipment assessments were conducted in accordance with the inspections.

With its fire safety engineering expertise, Efectis is ensuring that the restoration work continues with the fire function tests in line with the field controls and the prepared fire matrix.

Contact: Ulker Verenel – ulker.verenel@efectis.com