The current standardization and legislative ruling is under modification in Europe and in many countries, as examples UK and France are improving their regulation framework including best practices to address fire safety of structures.

The evolution is always looking into the future, taking into account the new needs of the construction world: flexibility, mixed use, increased speed of construction, durability, eco-design,…

Adapting and responding fast is not a need today, it is a consequence of the current world. However, this evolution shall absolutely take in account the knowledge from the past.

In 2022, Efectis is celebrating

From this long experience, Efectis has drafted thousands of official documents, fire test practices, material behaviour analysis, complex system evaluations, structural connection behaviour assessment, reconstruction of real fires ….. Combining with the development of the modelling and expertise, Efectis is and has always been present with regulators to support the evolution of fire safety rules, and fire safety practices.

The aim of Efectis, as an independent party, is a better fire safety world for anyone

Take care of yourselves.

Daniel Joyeux
President Efectis Holding