Efectis UK/Ireland Ltd, an innovative joint venture between Ulster University and Efectis Group, is celebrating its third anniversary this month.

The company was granted UKAS accreditation at the end of 2018 to conduct fire testing activities. Since then, the company has made significant progress in respect of its capacity.

Efectis has the largest façade testing centre in the UK and is the first lab in the UK to adopt the new version of BS 8414:2020.

Our engineering team continues to be involved in different projects related to many types of buildings. Inspections have shown moderate to serious issues associated with fire safety within façade systems. Our scope of work includes inspection, information collection, drawing verification, engineering judgments, assessment based on experimental data and conducting CFD models. Our team recently participated in the Manchester University project and we are now reviewing the fire safety of Europe’s tallest modular building.

We are currently in the process of getting accreditation for ISO 17065, allowing us to use the CE and UKCA mark for specific construction products.

Our thanks go to our staff for all their hard work and we promise our clients that we will continue our progress while maintaining our five-star services.

For more information contact: uk@efectis.com