Efectis is active in hydrogen safety research and our staff have contributed to several hydrogen safety projects in the UK and Europe. Efectis is carrying out studies related to hydrogen-powered buses for a couple of cities in France.

These studies aim to assess the impact of a hydrogen-powered bus on a fire in a building (impact of jet fires on the structure and compartmentation of the building) and on external fire spread (impact of heat flux caused by the fire (bus + jet fire) in the vicinity of the building). We are involved in national and international technical and standardisation committees: CEN TC 127, French IMO committee X65M, ISO TC 92 SC2, ISO TC 61, NATO STANAG 4602, IMO SDC and IMO SSE.

Efectis is in close research collaboration with leading global research centres in this field: Mike O’Connor Process Safety Center of Texas A&M University, USA and Warwick FIRE, University of Warwick, UK. Efectis UK/Ireland is also contributing to fire safety research activities in research projects such as: Balconies, Spandrels and Glazing, Smoke and Toxicity, Means of Escape in Residential Buildings, and Classification of External Wall Systems.

We have extensive research track record in fire safety area among which are:

Fire Safety Research

For more information, please contact us by sending an e-mail to uk@efectis.com