Every year millions of travellers come to Amsterdam by train. Conversely, more than 100,000 travellers leave the city from the magnificent Central Station.

Many of them come by bicycle. As from January 2023, it is now possible to park your bike under the ‘Binnen-IJ’ in an ultra-modern bike parking facility, which means that the area in front of the station has become free of bicycles. What is special is that the parking facility is located under the IJ river, and tour boats now sail over it.

The opening to the public received a lot of national and international attention.

From the very first design, Efectis was involved in the construction of the bike parking facility, the monumental entrance and the connection to the existing metro station for the North-South line and the East line, (which is still to be built). The coordination of the fire safety measures for the structural and technical installation, evacuation in case of fire and associated escape routes was performed by Efectis. Efectis supervised the work leading up to the festive opening.

A special feature was the architectural details that we had to pay attention to throughout project.

For more information, please contact: Mark Nuitermans