Electric vehicles (EVs) have become an integral part of our streetscape. They also need to be parked and charged, which is sometimes done in indoor car parks. The fire safety of indoor car parks with the capacity to charge EVs is therefore a topical issue.

The expectation is that in 2026 at least 40 percent of all cars in car parks will be EVs. All these cars use lithium-ion batteries and need to be recharged regularly. Charging in car parks will be big business. In cooperation with one of the key players in the worldwide market of chargers, Efectis produced a position paper which has already been shared with 30 international parties.

The first on-site inventories have been made and a team consisting of Efectis employees from France, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK is busy logging the differences in each specific region according to the regulations. With this input and the more fundamental knowledge of batteries and fire safety available at Efectis, we are preparing a series of tests and models to help the customer now and in the future.

Contact: Paul de Koning – paul.dekoning@efectis.com