İlker İbik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EEA, participated in the “Fire and Earthquake Symposium with International Participation” on “Design of High Buildings in the Framework of Fire Regulations”, held at İzmir Tepekule Congress and Exhibition Center on 30 September – 1 October 2021.

İlker İbik gave a presentation on the importance of fire safety engineering in the design and construction processes of buildings, stating that the action plans developed to ensure safety in buildings during fire are generally based on the fire strategies. These include how quickly people are evacuated from the building exposed to the fire, how long the fire department can control the fire, and whether the fire spreads to the surrounding buildings. Ibik also emphasized that the firefighting strategy should be conceived from a different perspective, especially in high-rise buildings. In this context, he stressed that challenges should be addressed, including reassuring the people involved and staying in constant communication with them during a fire, preventing partial or complete collapse of the building by providing structural security, and keeping the smoke and heat spread under control.

Ibik concluded his presentation by highlighting the significance of fire safety engineering in method, design, and construction processes so as to be able to implement the technologies and materials in both proper and affordable conditions, in the light of the complexity of the mentioned concept and the high fire safety requirements.

Contact: İlker İbik – ilker.ibik@efectis.com