To find the cause of a fire is a challenging task. Fire destroys evidence and firefighting efforts may disturb the remaining evidence. Sometimes, locating the area of origin and the cause of the fire seems almost impossible. Investigating a fire is a job you have to do right the first time. You don’t get a second chance, because evidence is moved or even destroyed during the investigation.

Investigating a fire is not always about origin and cause. If you want to know why the fire developed in a certain way or why a building or a construction responded to the fire in an unexpected way, you need to go beyond origin and cause.

There are many reasons to investigate fires. Most investigations are about insurance claims or to determine whether arson was the cause of the fire. At Efectis we look beyond the origin and cause to help our customers prevent further fires, to prevent large-scale losses due to fire and to improve building, vehicle or ship fire safety.

Learning from actual fires
In the last 15 years, Efectis helped several customers improve the fire safety of their product, building or vehicle, varying from circuit boards in farm robots to full-scale reconstructions of fires in hospitals, cafés and prisons and to computer analysis of the Grenfell Tower fire.

With the use of the scientific method according to NFPA 921 and the knowledge within Efectis we maintain a high standard in fire investigation and are able to help our customers all over the world.

Contact: René de Feijter – rene.defeijter@efectis.com