Morocco has a 27-storey main office tower located on the Anfa financial site in Casablanca.
Several actors of the project relied on the skills and expertise of Efectis to intervene on various issues related to fire risk in high-rise buildings.

Façade approval for high-rise buildings
Efectis has analyzed the provisions adopted in terms of materials constituting the façade, heat potential, C + D, fire resistance, structural arrangements, structure- façade junctions, insulation and reaction to fire.
A façade approval has been issued after the building was the subject of a favourable assessment.

Fire safety engineering
Numerical simulations were carried out to evaluate the effect of solar breezes on the glass median façade. These elements have been shown not to cause excessive fire and smoke spread to higher levels than the same configuration without sunscreens.

Fire resistance tests
Fire resistance tests were carried ou.t on one-leaf wooden door blocks to justify their degree of fire resistance EI160 and EI260.

Notice of building sites
Efectis carried out the study to justify fire resistance performances of 30min and 60min on the basis of plans of the various doors of the tower. The study focused on the installation of cladding on these one-leaf doors, for the realisation of a hanging installation. A technical opinion was submitted as part of this study.

Justification of the protections reported on mixed poles
Optimisation of the protections (intumescent paints) applied to the steel-concrete composite columns of the CFC tower.