For a new fish feed factory on the Faroe Islands, the company Verkfo asked us to determine the heat of combustion of the salmon feed produced in this beautiful country.

This is a requirement imposed by the local authorities in order to assess the fire safety of the storage units and issue the permits needed in the Faroes.

The heat of combustion is defined as the thermal energy produced by the combustion of unit mass of a given solid substance and expressed in megajoules per kilogram [MJ/kg].

Efectis NL determined the gross heat of combustion of the fish feed by performing tests according to the EN ISO 1716:2018. Efectis NL has ISO 17025 accreditation to perform these tests. Verkfo witnessed the preparation and performance of the tests via Microsoft Teams, which is a new service at Efectis NL.

More information about the test is available here.

Takk [thank you] Verkfo for this interesting case and for having the tests performed at Efectis NL. We look forward to cooperating with you again in the future.

Also interested in determining the heat of combustion of your product(s) in accordance with EN ISO 1716. Please contact: nederland@efectis.com