Efectis Department « Expertise » is often contacted by industrial buildings’ owners or operators in order to assess fire resistance of compartmentation walls. Indeed, lots of buildings were made from 1970 to 2000, so fire resistance proof are not known, because documents were not produced by builder at this time or were lost.

Thanks to his knowledges in fire resistant products and experience of their fire tests, Efectis is able to recognize the different designs, commonly used to create compartmentation walls, such as : concrete wall, concrete block wall, cellular concrete panels wall or wool sandwich panels wall.

Every type and design of wall has its own specificity, thus defaults are related to a unique kind of wall. Regular problems we come accross during expertise are :

Common defaults, which may concern all type of walls, are :

In connection with the audit, Efectis is able to propose different solutions to assess fire performance needed.

For more information, please contact: Stéphane Dziuba