Terrorist attacks on public rail transport systems have increased significantly in recent years. Because of their strategic European dimension, their advanced technology and their economic consequences, the Franco-German high-speed rail systems represent, as flagships (and national symbols) of the rail-based European transport, attractive targets for potential terrorists.

A group of enterprises, several university and research institutes, high-speed rail operators and respective police/gendarmerie officials in both France and Germany have agreed to work out a proposal to investigate the impact of innovative security systems, to counter potential terrorist attacks on the Franco-German high-speed railway systems.

The project RE(H)STRAIN aims to investigate preventive security and its impact on the resilience of the Franco-German high-speed rail network in case of terrorist attacks.

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Efectis, one of the French partners, is involved in the fire safety aspects (fire and smoke development and assessment of routines for evacuation of the public), as well as in the rescue interventions.

Supported by ANR (France) and BBF (Germany) for a two-year period, this collaborative R&D project started at the beginning of 2016.

Contact: Gildas Auguin – gildas.auguin@efectis.com