Efectis France, which has been the official French fire laboratory for 50 years, has obtained a new agreement (number 15042132) from the French Ministry of Interior to carry out all the approved tests to evaluate the efficiency of manual fire extinguishing systems, including “low or high pressure water systems, with or without additive” and “the compressed Air Foam System”.

Through these tests, it is now possible to guarantee fire services that the systems evaluated and validated by Efectis France are able to:

Each extinguishing agent application is managed by an automatic device so as not to make the results human-dependent. The objective of this approach is to allow optimisation of the water flow resources while guaranteeing the efficiency of the fire services during their missions.

The results obtained can allow fire services to compare the efficiency of several different systems and make the best choice for their firefighting teams. The complete process of qualification tests makes it possible to obtain the label ‘Sécurité Civile Française’ (French Civil Security).

Contact: Franck Gaviot-Blanc – franck.gaviotblanc@efectis.com